IMA Franchise

IMA, the pioneers in mental arithmetic training is looking for business partners with certain requirements to maintain its quality standard. The franchisee should meet the following requirements criteria:

  • Good academic background.
  • Passion to deal with children and children education.
  • Business acumen.
  • Good in relationship marketing.


Students and their academic excellence are what we focus on. We have built a platform to implement excellence in training through our systems, which will result in business development and growth. Our Franchisee Support Team has been providing excellent support to our partners throughout India. Our team will assist in business operations, administration and logistics to enhance the growth of our franchisee network to create WIN -WIN Situation.


IMA will provide the technical expertise to our franchisees through quality training, course materials, training materials, frequent updates, and evaluations.

IMA has Chief instructors who are highly competent and technically qualified. They are taught to employ their intelligence through curated techniques from China, the origin of the Abacus instrument. We strongly believe that there cannot be a compromise on training methodology. The course instructors will be trained through a centralized franchisee network in a phased manner, which will include syllabus training, discipline, attitude and skill.


The students at our franchisee centre will be given a certificate from IMA after the completion of each grade.


Abacus learning has been widely practiced and has excellent market potential. Our teaching methodology is proven to enhance the child's performance and give them an edge over their peers in academics. Parents and schools play an important role in expanding our philosophy as they are receptive to our teaching methods and standards.


IMA has made a remarkable presence in the ASIA PACIFIC region. We, as a company, believe in brand promotions through regular advertisements in various avenues suitable to the market segment. Our team will also support the franchisees in their local promotional activities.
Note: Franchisee centers are given to individuals at every 2.5 to 3 kilometres radius  to ensure other existing centers of IMA are unaffected by the competition.


IMA has a strong pool of resourceful and intensively trained course instructors who are competent and responsible. The teachers are trained in the psychology of children and the positive effects of encouragement and negative impact of punishment.

Our education methodology is unique, forward looking, with classes conducted in a creative and lively format. We encourage our business partners to recruit young and dynamic instructors, preferably a female course instructor, with a pleasant personality, is proficient in English, and has a flair and passion for teaching.


  1. A classroom is required to have 200 sq.ft of free space and should accommodate a maximum of 15 to 20 children per batch. The number of classrooms can be added depending on the strength.
  2. Classroom must meet our ambient standards to make it conducive to students.
  3. Classroom must have a kindergarten furniture set of 15 to 20 tables & chairs.

Note: Details of student batches shall be briefed to the franchisee on signing up.


IMA has adopted a unique method in our franchising system. Our franchisees will be under a probation period of one year, during which we review the performance and interest towards revenue generation, as we are committed to ethical business practices with a high degree of integrity.


The revenue sharing ratio will be 75:25. This means that 75% of the revenue generated belongs to the Franchisee and 25% to IMA. The franchisee is required to submit a monthly statement of accounts of the head office.


The return on investment can be yield between 3 to 6 months of business operation, as this business does not incur any major overhead expenses or huge investment in infrastructure.


The franchisee and each course instructor will sign a legal business agreement with IMA to ensure smooth operations.

The IMA joint venture program provides an additional source of income for centers that are already in operation. Some of the advantages of our joint venture program include:

  • Centres avoid advertising expenses since IMA supplies all the necessary promotional leaflets and banners free of charge.
  • IMA provides efficient administrative support to centers which includes registration forms, fee collection envelopes, memos, etc.
  • Centres do not have to worry about hiring instructors as IMA supplies professionally trained teachers to all its joint venture partners.
  • Our JVP includes additional publicity for the centers via IMA's website.
  • IMA provides top quality course materials which saves centres the painstaking task of proof reading, editing, printing and storage.
  • Minimal costs incurred against high percentage of commission.