The calculation tool called Zhusuan has a very old history in itself until now. From around BC 770 ~ BC 476, China used 'SUANCHOU' for calculation. The oldest record of a calculation instrument similar to the ZHUSUAN can be seen in document dated AD 200. Principles of Algorithm, is the first bead-calculation book in China , written by Wang Wensu, an expert in bead calculation of the Ming Dynasty.

The ABACUS is one of the world's famous ancient tools, which eventually evolved in to a framed device with beads sliding up and down on what we call rods. Manipulating the beads on the ABACUS involves only the thumb and the index finger to slide the beads back and forth the rods. Proper fingering technique is paramount in achieving proficiency on the ABACUS.
The program is designed for children aged 4 to 12 years. The "ABACUS" is used to teach the children, where they use both the hands to manipulate the beads. In the initial stages, they take the help of the abacus to work out the problems. Gradually the abacus is taken away and the child performs the manipulation of the beads mentally. This enables them to achieve a high level of speed, efficiency, accuracy, concentration and increase in memory power.

The course comprises of 10 grades. Each grade comprises of one term. Each term is of three months duration on an average with the total duration of 34 months. To make fundamentals stronger, the first term i.e. grade 10 is for a period of 4 months with classes twice a week. The subsequent terms have a two-hour class once a week.

The course starts with GRADE 10 , and follows through the other grades like, GRADE 9, 8, 7 and so on. The course gets completed with GRADE 1 after 10 terms.
Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by human mind using mental power of performing mathematical calculations mentally.

IMA helps in accelerating the brain development by giving mental arithmetic practice to children of age group 4 - 12. The mental abilities in children must be developed by the age12 and will have an excellent impact until age 70+. IMA has scientifically designed training structure to improve the child's mental strengths by training them on mental arithmetic as everything revolves around mathematics.

Implementation of this methodology is done with the use of ZHUSUAN or ABACUS, by adopting latest application of the technology aiming 360 o brain development. This will help the children in achieving sense of understanding towards any subject.
As parents, all of us have the responsibility of making the right choices for our children be it the right kind of food, clothing and education for our children. At IMA, we have made our choice to be in the people improvement and advancement business. Our vision is to lead and prepare our children to assume future leadership roles.

In this regard, IMA is a well established and well-organized institution devoted to our objective of providing quality education in abacus and mental arithmetic study. Our education methodology is unique, forward looking with classes conducted in a creative and lively format. IMA also boasts a strong pool of resourceful and intensively trained teachers who are competent and responsible. The teachers are also taught on the psychology of children and the positive effects of encouragement and negative impact of punishment.

At IMA, classes are kept to a maximum size of 15 students to ensure that each individual student receives personal attention, crucial to the monitoring aspect of each child's development.

All course materials and curriculum are systematically designed internally which are on par with international standards. This is evident as IMA is the only institution that takes part in International Competitions overseas yearly and has consistently won awards and accolades.
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